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Musical Team

Renay Eng-Fisher’s recording project offers her audiences a renewed sense of connection to the lives lived beneath the ocean. Her CD has included 15 prolific and talented song writers and singers to take the listener through “an imaginative, and unforgettable magical journey through the oceanic landscape and the lives who live there.

Each song beautifully evokes the relationships between mankind and the sea, through descriptive words in the hopes that if one note strikes a passionate chord, then the earth has won a friend!

“It is my hope that the songs on this recording will encourage listeners to participate in healing the biosphere and our distressed marine eco-system.”

Cindy Church – Find My Way Home

Bob Evans – Whisper In The WInd

John Reischman – Two Orcas

Steve Fisher – Spyhopping

Richard Harrow – This Is Everybody’s World

Lindsay Ell – Do This Alone

Doris Daley – All Aboard The What If

Rob Hollis – It’s Our Big World

Carolyn Harley – Salt Water Rhapsody

Steve Spurgin – We Are The Children Of The Sea

Steve Seskin – World Running Out Of Time

Paul Rumbolt – O The Ocean

Sam Lardner – Blue Planet

Randall Spear – Only Love Can Bring You There

Renay Eng-Fisher – Salt Water Rhapsody; World Running Out Of Time