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The Adventures of Akai and Mamoo – Everybody’s World CD

A Creation of Natoura’s Journey, Inc.

All ages

– To learn about Orca whales, their habitat, and behavior.
– To raise awareness about human activities that impact oceans and the environment.
– To inspire children and adults to actively respect and protect the environment.

– A collaboration of talented and creative artists from across Canada and the United States.
– Inspirational lyrics that combine environmental education with humor and music.
– High-energy songs, ballads and instrumentals that range from bluegrass and country, to blues,
western swing, and folk.

The CD:
The CD Everybody’s World is a fantastic collection of songs that accompany the book, The Adventures of Akai and Mamoo.

It’s a CD for all ages that captures important messages about respecting our oceans. These educational and inspiring songs will have you and your family singing along. The CD’s artists have crafted beautifully written songs with words that inspire adults and bring joy to children. Some of the finest singer songwriters and instrumentalists in Canada and from around the world contributed their creativity, talents and generosity to this CD project. Claude Lapalme, the Music Director of the Red Deer Symphony, composed and conducted the beautiful overture and the arrangements performed by the Red Deer chamber orchestra on many of the songs.

The CD includes high-energy songs, as well as ballads and instrumentals that range from bluegrass and country, to blues, western swing, and folk. This project engaged 14 Canadian and 2 USA musicians. The song collection asks listeners to imagine what we can do to show greater respect for the oceans and to recognize that we must share our world in a peaceful and just way with the creatures of earth, whose needs for healthy habitat are as important as our need to consume its riches. If one song strikes a passionate chord in someone and creates a healthy respect for animals and an understanding of the necessity for biodiversity, the earth will have won a friend. The songs complement the message of the book, which highlights the need for awareness and activism in preventing the pollution of our oceans. The goal is to accomplish this in a way that combines environmental education with humor and music. Music making is universal and plays an essential role in human social bonding and emotional communications. Therefore, music is the ideal way to instill these values. So sit back, relax and enjoy this one of a kind CD as it takes you on an unforgettable journey.

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