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Thanks and Acknowledgments

Many helping hands made this project possible.
I would like to extend a special thanks to FACTOR and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts
who made essential financial contributions to this project and to Alison Kwan of AFA who
provided invaluable assistance throughout.

I would also like to thank the following individuals:
Sacha Kiefer – DASK Graphic Design
Harley Hay – photographer
Morgan McKee – recording technician for the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra
Jamey Harrow – mastering engineer at Thunderous Mastering
John Thiel – recording engineer at Horizon Music
And to:
Dr. Irene Herremans for her help in writing grants applications and seeking sponsorhsips for
the project.
Richard Harrow of HB Media Services Inc. who put so much creative energy into the
musical arrangements on this recording and the sound quality throughout and for helping
bring the project to life.
Claude Laplame for his magical overture ʻOcean Reflectionsʼ and for his belief in the project.
Melody McKnight who was extraordinarily helpful and delivered far more advice and
guidance than I had any right to expect.
The members of the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra whose playing had a profound
creative impact on the music heard on this recording.
And last but not least, my husband Steve Fisher without whom this project would have
never taken flight. His love and encouragement made the hard moments along the way
easier to bear and the success here at the end even sweeter.

Renay Eng-Fisher
Executive Producer