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Everybody’s World

The music on this recording is a companion piece to the book ʻAkai and Mamooʼs Ocean Adventureʼ which tells the tale of two young orcas who leave the safety of their family pod and set out on a journey through an ocean deeply affected by human activity. Along the way they meet other sea creatures and witness their struggles in an environment greatly changed by pollution, uncontrolled development and neglect. At the same time Akai and Mamoo are also on a journey towards adulthood and their curiosity about the sights and sounds they encounter in the sea brings them much excitement, joy and fear and leads ultimately to a greater understanding of the world they live in.

Each song on this disc mirrors part of the story of Akai and Mamoo and the music is intended to convey both the beauty of the undersea world and an understanding of the environmental challenges it faces. Some of the finest singer songwriters and instrumentalists in Canada and from around the world contributed their work to this project and the producers wish to thank them for their creativity, talents and generosity.

Claude Lapalme, the Music Director of the Red Deer Symphony, composed and conducted the beautiful overture and the arrangements performed by the Red Deer chamber orchestra on many of the songs.

It is our hope that this music will take you on an imaginative and unforgettable musical journey through the oceanic landscape and the lives of the creatures who live there. If just one song strikes a passionate chord in the heart of a listener, the earth will have won a friend.

Song List

Ocean Reflections

– Claude Lapalme

Mamoo’s Dream

– Jim McLennan
      O The Ocean
– Paul Rumbolt

Only Love Can Bring You There

– Randall Spear
      We Are The Children Of The Sea
– Steve Spurgin
      World Running Out Of Time
– Renay Eng-Fisher and Steve Seskin
– Steve Fisher

All Aboard The What If

– Doris Deley
      Blue Planet
– Sam Lardner

Salt Water Rhapsody

– Carolyn Harley and Renay Eng-Fisher
      Whisper In The WInd
– Bob Evans
      It's Our Big World
– Rob Hollis
      Do This Alone
– Lindsay Ell

Two Orcas

– John Reischman
      Find My Way Home
– Cindy Church and Gwen Swick
      This Is Everybody's World
– Richard Harrow

Produced by Richard Harrow and Renay Eng-Fisher
Mixed by Richard Harrow at HB Media Services Inc.
Mastered by Jamey Harrow at Thunderous Mastering
Executive Producer – Renay Eng-Fisher