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River Park and CrossRoads Church Concerts

November 2 and 3, 2012

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Thanks for the wonderful concert on Friday night.
I can tell how much effort went in to it, and I applaud all of the hard work you all did. It was such a lovely story, beautiful music, the illustrations so cute!
We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and I wanted to convey a big “thank you” to you and the whole team involved.

– Liz –

We really enjoyed the concert and have been listening to the music. Ran into Dr. Bob who also attended the concert on Saturday and he was still raving about the event. Well Done!!

– Patti –

Everybody’s World is a marvellous production.  
The Grandpa was especially good – I know since I am one, now. 

You and your colleagues have done an absolutely terrific job with that production.  The story, the music, the products for sale, everything. 
Please pass along our appreciation to all your colleagues and co-conspirators.  

- Ron –

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  • Fereshteh
    November 6, 2012

    We loved the concert. The music was amazing .a little long for my two years old and four years old sons, as the older one said. May be making that more kids friendly is better or may be they are too young for this concert . But after the concert they urged me to set a puppet show for them with their puppets. So, next weekend in our home we have a family concert. I will be the organizer, the kids are learning their favorite song” this is every bodies world” for the show.

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