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The Ocean Adventures
of Akai and Mamoo

A Creation of Natoura’s Journey, Inc.

Thanks for the copy of the Akai and Mamoo book. Very nice, and well produced.
A fine and entertainingly illustrated book for young folk that gives all of us a powerful look at the lives the “sea people” have to lead because of us.
– Farley Mowat –

5-10 years primarily, but children of all ages and adults will also enjoy the book

– To learn about Orca whales, their habitat, and behavior
– To become aware of the activities of humans that can impact the lifestyle of the whales.
– To understand how small children and adults, humans of all ages, can do their part to allow everyone
to enjoy a healthy ocean environment.

– Brightly and colorfully illustrated to learn about the Orca whales and other ocean creatures.
– Uses terms associated with Orca whales to learn about their behavior.
– Contains a glossary of terms and additional information on whales in the back of the book to further study whales, their behavior, and their habitat.

The Story:
Akai and Mamoo, two adventuresome juvenile Orca whales, wish to explore outside their ocean inlet. Although Mother and Aunty warn their Orca children of some of the dangers outside the inlet, the two mischievous Orca cousins are curious about their ocean surroundings. After a bedtime story about their Orca ancestors, Akai and Mamoo wake early in the morning, anxious to visit the places and see the things that their ancestors experienced. Before they are out of the inlet, Akai and Mamoo are surprised with what they find….many strange and wonderful creatures but also many dangers that could harm them.

The Orcas’ first encounter is with Ms. Jellyfish,who is working hard to clean her ocean home of garbage that has been left by humans.
Then, Akai and Mamoo play with their relatives, the dolphins, and visit Mr. Isopod, whose coral reef home is losing its colors due to bleaching. Oil slicks and loud, speeding boats with harmful propellers scare the two Orcas to consider returning to the safety of their cove. Although the experiences could have been dangerous to them, they also learned that humans were attempting to clean up the garbage. Marine biologists were conducting studies to save the reefs, and ocean police were enforcing regulations to prevent human activity from harming the whales.
Even though Akai had a very unpleasant experience with a boat’s propeller, Mamoo was able to rescue him from further danger. As well, Mother and Aunty came just in time to help both Akai and Mamoo back to the safety of their inlet….enough adventures for the two Orca cousins for one day!

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