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New book and CD package encourages kids to take care of their world’s oceans

Akai and Mamoo's Ocean Adventure-Book Cover
Lively and optimistic, Akai and Mamoo’s Ocean Adventure, a Canadian children’s book packaged with an original music CD called Everybody’s World, launches in the fall of 2012. Its goal is to open children’s eyes to their own responsibility to preserve and protect undersea life.

It does this through the playful tale of Akai and Mamoo, a couple of mischievous orca cousins who ignore their mothers’ instructions to stay close to home. When they stray from the comfort of their own pod, they encounter all kinds of manmade hazards, from plastic webbing to spilled oil. Though the whales are eventually reunited with their mothers, young readers learn how human actions affect our oceans and their own individual responsibility to follow a more sustainable path.
The book, which was illustrated by China’s Zhong Changxu, was written for five-to-11-year-olds by Calgary’s Irene Herremans, Holly Speer, and Renay Eng-Fisher.
Everybody's World - CD Cover
The accompanying CD, Everybody’s World, features 16 original songs written and performed by award-winning Canadian, American and Spanish artists along with 13 chamber orchestra musicians in the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra, under the musical direction of Claude Lapalme. It was recorded by Richard Harrow at Calgary’s HB Media.

“If one song strikes a passionate chord in someone, and instills environmental values, a healthy respect for animals and an understanding of the necessity for biodiversity, the earth will have won a friend.”Renay Eng-Fisher

Everybody's World CD and Akai and Mamoo book